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Academic Life Kindergarten Curriculum Technology Resource Room Child Study Team MCIU Specials

An Individual Catholic Educational Plan (ICEP) will be developed that is reflective of each student’s needs in the resource room and the regular classroom.  The Resource Room Teacher may administer informal assessments periodically throughout the academic year to evaluate student progress. A progress summary is included with the student’s report card at each reporting period. The Resource Room Teacher and Classroom Teachers will meet periodically to discuss and evaluate student progress and to update Individual Program Plans. Student progress is closely monitored by the Child Study Team to ensure program placement is meeting student’s needs.

Students identified as possibly being ready to exit the program will be formally assessed by the Resource Room Teacher to determine the student’s level of achievement. Students identified as having a Mild/Moderate Learning Disability will be formally assessed every three years.

 OLM uses a proven research-based, multi-sensory approach for learning the basic language skills of reading, writing, and spelling. We are the only providers in the area offering this help, without an additional charge. The program is provided by a Certified Academic Language Practitioner who is certified by The Alliance For Accreditation and Certification of Multisensory Structured Language Education, Inc.  (This is the same program offered at The Center School (Abington) for $29,000 and The Quaker School (Horsham) for $34,200.

Academic Life Academic Life Resource Room