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Academic Life Kindergarten Curriculum Technology Resource Room Child Study Team MCIU Specials

The Child Study Team (CST) at OLM is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals that provide a variety of learning related services.  This services include consultative, evaluative and prescriptive services for students who are experiencing academic difficulties.  The CST consists of the School Psychologist (Mrs. Eileen Ford), the Director of Special Education (Ms. Kathleen Collier), Certified Remediation Specialist (Ms. Kasey Dougherty), Speech/Language Therapist (Mrs. Barbara Maples), and the Principal.

The team is also joined by the student’s parents and classroom teachers who will team periodically with the CST.



The primary role of the psychologist is to assess the student's developmental and cognitive abilities. In addition, the psychologist also assesses and monitors the emotional status of the student to pinpoint any factors which may affect behavior and academic performance. In certain situations, the psychologist may also provide counseling services, instruction and mentoring for students struggling with a combination of social, emotional and behavioral problems.

Director of Special Education

The primary role of the Director of Special Education is responsible for coordinating the development, monitoring, and evaluating of the effectiveness of the ICEP.  The Director of Special Education facilitates communication between home and school and coordinates the annual review and reevaluation process.

Certified Remediation Specialist

The Certified Remediation Specialist provides learning support in reading and math.  Also tests/screen students who have been referred.

Speech/Language Therapist

The speech and language therapist is pivotal in assessing the student's ability to communicate. Speech and language therapist provide assessments and intervention in areas where there is evidence of speech, language or other cognitive-communication difficulties. Development of age specific communication skills is essential to the learning process. Language skills also play a vital role to the student's sense of social and emotional well-being. In order to be successful, students must be able to understand language, express their thoughts and to interact in a meaningful manner with others.


The Principal chairs the meeting and monitors the overall success of the interventions, accommodations, and modifications.

The Child Study Team meets on an ongoing basis and is committed to continuous improvement.  Together the team reviews progress monitoring data to identify specific areas of need, design interventions, set measurable goals and monitor the progress of those goals.

Teachers may refer students to the Child Study Team when they are struggling to meet academic, social, emotional, and/or behavioral demands in the classroom.  The classroom teacher consults with the principal and communicates with the child’s parent/guardian to discuss the child’s academic progress.  Referring teachers gather pertinent information that allows the team to make an informed assessment of the child’s needs.  In some cases, teachers inventory the student’s strengths, provide documentation of services currently provided, and may include observational data as well.

The interventionists monitor the child’s progress and return to the team in approximately 4-6 weeks.  The classroom teacher and CST work closely together to monitor the progress of specific skills identified in the intervention plan.

The team reconvenes to ask: what kind of progress did the student make?  If the student makes enough progress to “close the gap, relative to peers” the team may decide that the intervention(s) should discontinue.  If the student does not make progress, the team may redesign the interventions.  If interventions are redesigned, the team monitors progress for another 4-6 weeks.  If the student is making progress but still hasn’t closed the gap relative to her peers, the team continues the intervention and the team monitors progress until the student closes the gap.

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